We’ve hit the original goal of 1320 for donations, but I figured I’d leave this up for some “stretch goals” as they’re called on Kickstarter. 3000 is the limit Paypal will allow my account to hold at a given time. We’re in talks right now as to what exactly to do for the stretch goals, but one thing I can promise for sure is they will be awesome.

So, you may be wondering just what in the hell is going on with the development of 1320Challenge and the newly announced possible to remake, development of 1320Legends. 1320Challenge has been in development by us staff here on the site for almost 2 years! Shouldn’t it be done by now?!? Well… that’s where the trickiness comes in. 1320Challenge seems to need a lot more tender loving care than we can give it. Us staff members just don’t have the time to sit here, learn, process and apply new knowledge to finishing the old game. Racing doesn’t work no matter what we try, and trust me, we’ve tried. Most of this what seems like eternity of waiting has been one or more of us having long nights messing with the code trying ANYTHING to get racing working. On top of Racing, tuning is obviously a big part of this game. Can’t just run stock cars with tweaked ratios back and forth right? That’s just down right boring!

Look, what I’m basically trying to say is this…





We need your help… here’s the plan.

  1. We’re going to talk to a couple developers we find on Freelancer
  2. We’re going to test em out by giving them small bits of things to do like recode account creation for Legends, make login work on Legends, then ask them to do something with Challenge that we need like Part Shop…
  3. Who ever gets those tasks done that quickest (and for the best price), we’ll hire entirely to finish up one or both games

The problem with Freelancer is it can be expensive! Even basic projects can range upwards of 500 dollars depending on how the project has to be done. We have no idea, to be honest, how a developer from Freelancer is going to want to go at the project. We just know that if we’re paying them, it’s going to be our way. Us developers can’t afford it alone. The money made by the site so far from you guys and gals (thank you by the way again and again) has been used to maintain the site (the yearly fee is around 45 dollars), ship out those stickers (yup, that cost more than I charged for them, oops) and there’s a bit to spare. We need your help to make this happen. One final push from the community. 100% of any money donated will go straight to whatever developer we decide is most fit to help us out. Us dev’s will be tipping in too, its not just you.

Select that button below, shoot whatever you can, whatever you feel we’re worth, over to us and we promise you’ll all be handsomely rewarded in the end. Its a long track with development, but we’re at about the 60′ in terms of completion. We got about 1260 feet in front of us until the finish line. Lets see how quickly we can get there!